Denny’s House of Plumbing was established in 1950 by Denny Dehnert, Senior. Throughout the years, Denny’s House of Plumbing has become one of the most reliable, experienced and proficient plumbing companies in the Bay Area.

The company prides itself in being a fourth generation, family-owned and operated company. Because it isn’t a large corporation, it guarantees the personal attention that your project deserves at a competitive rate.

If you should choose Denny’s House of Plumbing, we will guarantee professional care in making sure that every detail of your job runs smoothly and efficiently.

Longevity and fortitude through experience and hard work.

Since 1950, Denny's House of Plumbing serves the community and continues to discover new and innovative practices to help our clients reach their goals.


Years of Service

We have been serving the Bay Area since 1950

Years of Experience

Each of our employees have been with us for over 20 years adding up to over 130 years of experience between them.


1What do you specialize in?
We specialize in custom homes, new construction, remodels, residential and commercial plumbing work. If a request is out of our expertise, we will refer the client to a reputable source that we know and can trust.
2How does your scheduling work?
We schedule calls from the beginning of our work day until the end with a two hour window for each call. Our last call of the day is a window from 1-3pm.

Ex: 8-10AM, 9-11 AM, 10-12 PM, 1-3PM.
3What is your availability the day of?
Either way, we will try our best to accommodate the client based on the schedule of the day that has been set prior to the phone call. If we cannot accommodate in the time desired by the client, we will be more than happy to refer the client to a reputable plumbing company.
4Do you charge by the hour or by a quoted flat rate?
We charge by the hour, because we believe it is the most fair to the customer. The customer is only charged for the time spent to complete the service. For example, if we quoted a flat rate job that would take two hours and it only took our employee ½ hour, the client would still be charged for the total fee regardless of the decrease in overall time.
5Do you offer free estimates?
If the job exceeds an estimated value of over $500, we will come and give you an estimate for no charge.
6What is the warranty policy on your work?
On service calls, we offer a warranty for our labor for 90 days after completion. If we have supplied the materials, the warranty comes from our suppliers per each item. On our contract jobs, we offer a warranty for one year after completion of the job according to our contract.